Waluigi Costume

Waluigi Costume

A great costume choice for anyone that follows the Mario Bros franchise would be a Waluigi costume. Here at goodcostumeideas.net we try to find the best costumes for you. If you follow the Mario Bros franchise then you should know Waluigi is one of their more famous and popular characters. Just like Mario has an evil villain version of himself in Wario, Luigi has Waluigi. He is seen throughout much of the Mario Bros series. A great thing about Waluigi is that you can find a Waluigi costume for both genders and all ages. Below we have some pictures of what a Waluigi costume looks like.

Waluigi Costume

Waluigi Costume Ideas for Men

Impress your friends with this very interesting and well known character of the Mario Bros franchise. Below are some examples of what a Waluigi costume for men may look like.

Adult Waluigi Costume

waluigi costumewaluigi costumewaluigi costumewaluigi costume for men

Waluigi Costume Ideas for Women

For women, there are several ways to wear a Waluigi costume as shown below.  Add your own style to make your costume stand out from the rest.Below are some examples of what a Waluigi costume for women may look like.

waluigi costumewaluigi costumewaluigi costumewaluigi costumewaluigi costume

Waluigi Costume Ideas for Kids

Kids look cute in all costumes, and a Waluigi costume is no exception. Below are some examples of what a Waluigi costume for kids may look like.

Waluigi Deluxe Toddler / Child Costume

waluigi costumewaluigi costumewaluigi costume

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