Yoshi Costume

Yoshi Costume

Another great choice for a costume, especially if you are into the Mario Bros franchise, would be a Yoshi costume. Yoshi is a cool looking green dinosaur and is one of the most known characters form the Mario Bros saga. He is seen most of the time with Mario on his back riding on top of him and there is actually a costume you could get of Mario riding Yoshi, as shown below. You can also just get a Yoshi costume of just Yoshi of course. Whichever you choose is a great idea for a costume. Just like other Mario and Luigi costumes, Yoshi costumes can also be worn by either gender. Below you can see examples of what a Yoshi costume may look like.

Yoshi Costume

Yoshi Costume Ideas for Men

You may think that a Yoshi costume is more of a children’s costume, but it is available for men as well. Men can wear a Yoshi costume and look just as good as children, but probably not as cute. Nevertheless, this a great choice for a costume even for men. Below are some examples of what a Yoshi costume may look like for men.

Men’s Yoshi Deluxe Adult Costume

Yoshi CostumeYoshi CostumeYoshi costume

Yoshi Costume Ideas for Women

Women can also take advantage of this popular Yoshi costume. Women can always wear costumes better than men and make them look better, and this costume is not an exception. Below are some examples of what a Yoshi costume may look like for women.

Yoshi costume for womenYoshi cotume for womenYoshi costume for women

Yoshi Costume Ideas for Kids

This costume is especially good for all kids because of how great kids look in a Yoshi costume. Your kids will really stand out and impress with such a bright green costume. Plus kids love Yoshi and will be a costume they will really enjoy wearing. Below are some examples of what a Yoshi costume may look like for kids.

Yoshi Kit – Child Costume

Yoshi costume for kidsYoshi costume for kidsYoshi costume for kids

Yoshi Costume with Mario

Below is one of our favorite costumes here at goodcostumeideas.net because of the combination of two great costumes into one. With this costume you will not only be Yoshi, but you will also be Mario as well. This costume is very unique and cool looking and is a great choice for anyone.  Below you can see example of with this Yoshi costume with Mario looks like.

Men’s Mario Riding Yoshi Adult Costume

Yoshi and Mario costumeYoshi with Mario costumeYoshi and Mario Costume

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